March 24, 2016

#TBT VIDEO: Katie McGinty Said Outside Spending “Threatens Our Democracy”

As The SEIU becomes the latest outside special interest group to try to rescue Katie McGinty’s underperforming campaign with a “six figure” TV ad buy, here’s a look back at her hypocritical rant against outside spending and money in politics at the Keystone Progressive Summit just last month:

MODERATOR: “What will you do to fight the influence of big money in politics? The question goes first to Ms. McGinty.”

MCGINTY: “Thank you very much. As I said at the outset, dark money and money in politics really threatens our democracy more than just about anything else. It is drowning out a person’s right to have their voice heard. It’s at the root as to why in this commonwealth, while we have a million voter registration advantage, that gerrymandering holds sway, and that gerrymandering eviscerates one person, one vote. It’s the reason why … you know you step back and you say ‘why the heck is it that we have an economy that doesn’t work for people anymore?’ All you have to do is follow the money. It’s about Citizens United, it’s about that dark money, it’s about those secret checks. You know people say ‘how can it be that in today’s day and age, people are getting paid the same as they were, essentially, forty years ago, while tuition has increased and healthcare costs have increased?’ Well all you have to do is look at the fact that for the CEOs, CEOs in the 80’s made thirty times the amount of the average employee. Today they make four-hundred times the amount of the average employee. That’s something we can’t afford. That is brought to you by Koch brothers money, that is bought to you by secret campaign contributions, and I will do everything in my power to end that and restore the real promise of democracy.”