November 6, 2016

Teachout’s Radical Socialism Proving To Be A Drag For Her Candidacy

With Election Day just two days away, signs are pointing to Zephyr Teachout’s radical socialist past being a serious drag on her campaign. Liberal extremists in New York have propped up her campaign from the beginning, including the Working Families Party. Socialist Bernie Sanders, a strong Teachout supporter, has called the Working Families Party the closest thing America has to a “Democratic Socialism” political party:

“I ask that you not only vote for Hillary Clinton, but that you vote for her on the Working Families Party line,” wrote Sanders, who backed Clinton himself in July. ‘Why? Because the WFP is the closest thing there is to a political party that believes in my vision of democratic socialism. The WFP shares my view of a society and an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected.’”

Teachout’s history with the Working Families Party is so extensive that they gave her a “crash course in how to be a politician” before her gubernatorial run:

“It was a secret project by operatives for the state’s Working Families Party. Over the course of a month last spring, they assembled every day at the party’s office in Brooklyn to give a little-known law school professor named Zephyr Teachout a crash course in how to be a politician.”

Given Teachout’s history with radical parties, it’s no surprise that Teachout is trailing badly in polls. According to a new Time Warner Cable News/Siena College poll, Teachout is losing by six points:

“Republican congressional candidate John Faso holds a six-percentage point lead over Democrat Zephyr Teachout, a Time Warner Cable News/Siena College poll released Sunday found. The poll found Faso leading Teachout in the hotly contested 19th congressional district 48 percent to 42 percent.”