August 11, 2016

Ted Strickland’s Awful Week Continues

Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland is having a dreadful week. Yesterday, Strickland hoped to dominate the news cycle by releasing his first TV ad. Yet the main political story Ohioans were talking about yesterday was his completely insensitive remarks about Justice Scalia’s death. Strickland’s appalling comments were prominently featured in the Columbus and Toledo TV markets, as well as on Fox News’ On The Record:

Strickland’s bad streak continued this morning with the release of the latest Quinnipiac poll on the Ohio race. The poll found Senator Rob Portman up big over Strickland, leading 49% to 40%. These numbers showed that Portman’s lead has widened since last month.

Given these recent negative developments for Strickland, it should come as no surprise that National Journal has significantly increased their rating that Senator Portman will win re-election. According to their analysis, Strickland’s move to go on air a month early is simply “dam­age con­trol.” At least after Strickland’s Scalia comments he’ll have plenty of experience with that.