November 20, 2015

Ted Strickland’s Finance Director Resigns

There is more bad news for Ted Strickland on the fundraising front. After three quarters of lagging behind the goals his political advisor, now his campaign manager, laid out, Strickland’s finance director has resigned from the campaign.

Not surprisingly, Strickland’s campaign, in responding to the resignation, is going with the “nothing to see here” strategy, saying that “any suggestion Pfeiffer’s departure signals turmoil is flat-out wrong.” But, bad fundraising numbers plus the resignation of the finance director does not equal good signs for a campaign.

This comes during the same week that Strickland’s Democrat challenger, P.G. Sittenfeld, launched attacks against Strickland and his stances on gun issues. Facing an increasingly robust primary challenge will begin to eat up Strickland’s already dwindling resources, and a resignation by the campaign’s finance director won’t help the situation.