October 3, 2016

Terri Bonoff Once Again Defends Her Love Of Raising Minnesotans Taxes

During her campaign this year, Terri Bonoff, Democrats’ nominee in Minnesota’s third congressional district, is doing her best to uphold Minnesotans’ views of Democratic Party as the party of tax hikes. During an interview with WCCO, Bonoff once again reiterated her strong support for raising taxes:

WCCO’s PAT KESSLER: “Is he lying in this ad?” BONOFF: “Well, he’s certainly distorting the record. So for example, he talks about my statement where I say that I voted repeatedly for unpopular taxes. But what I actually said was, I will vote for unpopular taxes for transportation. That is the one area where I have supported—“KESSLER: “The gas tax that you raised.” BONOFF: “Exactly.” KESLLER: “That you voted to raise.” BONOFF: “Right. And I talk about, you know, when the bridge fell, how important it was that we all came together to be able to pass a transportation bill. And I don’t think Erick even voted for that”

Bonoff is no stranger to publicly supporting tax hikes. In August, she stated that she has “repeatedly been willing to vote for unpopular taxes.” In fact, Bonoff’s tax and spend liberalism has reduced her to touting her past support from organizations that now support her opponent. Bonoff’s rhetoric during this campaign, as well as her history of voting for gas and sales taxes in the Minnesota State Legislature, means she won’t be able to escape the tag of a tax and spend liberal this year.