October 10, 2016

Terri Bonoff Refuses To Support Pelosi, Cashes Pelosi’s Checks

During an MPR interview today, Terri Bonoff showed that voters in Minnesota’s Third Congressional District cannot expect a straight answer from her. When questioned about whether or not she would support Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House, Bonoff completely dodged:

MPR’s TOM WEBER: “You would support Nancy Pelosi if the Dems take over, and that Nancy Pelosi is too liberal for the third district. Thoughts?” BONOFF: “Yeah, so he did say that, and what I said to Erik Paulsen is, ‘don’t tell me who I’m going to vote for! How do you know who I’m going to vote for?’ I have been a member of a caucus now for eleven years, and what Ido know is nobody understands what it’s like from the outside looking at a caucus. So I couldn’t beg into tell you, and I think it would be bad luck for me to even think about who I would vote for.”

Bonoff also dodged the question in August. Yet on the very same day as Bonoff ducked the topic, she will also be attending a fundraiser with “special guest” Nancy Pelosi. That’s in addition to the $7,000 Bonoff has already recieved from Pelosi’s PAC and campaign. Only a politician would think it’s acceptable to cash Nancy Pelosi’s checks on the same day as she won’t say if she supports Pelosi for Speaker. What a complete and utter hypocrite. Washington, D.C. already has enough double-talking Democrats.