May 25, 2016

Terry McAuliffe Lied About Meeting Donor Connected To Him In FBI Investigation

UPDATE: On WTOP Wednesday morning, Gov. Terry McAuliffe again changed his story about meeting Chinese politician and businessman Wang Wenliang. He told TV cameras Tuesday morning, “I’m not even sure if I’ve ever met [Wang], to be honest with you.” But today on WTOP, McAuliffe claimed he “probably met once or twice in my life, I’m not exactly sure.” Check out the video:

This week we learned that Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) has joined his good friend Hillary Clinton in the club of politicians who are being investigated by the FBI. McAuliffe is being investigated by the FBI for possibly receiving illegal campaign contributions from businessman Wang Wenliang.

Understandably, Governor McAuliffe has faced numerous questions from the media since this news broke. While talking with reporters this week, McAuliffe claimed that he had never met Wang Wenliang.

Now we know that McAuliffe lied to reporters when he made the claim. According to a report in the New York Times, McAuliffe and Wenliang attended a dinner together in 2012. The next year Wenliang donated $120,000 to McAuliffe’s campaign:

“Mr. Wang also met with Mr. McAuliffe before he ran for governor, at a 2012 dinner hosted by Mr. Hodges. Mr. McAuliffe was an American businessman investing in China; Mr. Wang was a Chinese executive whose firms did business in Virginia. The next year, when Mr. McAuliffe ran for governor, one of Mr. Wang’s companies, West Legend, contributed to his campaign. (Corporate contributions are permitted in Virginia.)”

During the Clinton’s decades in the national spotlight, they’ve become no stranger to these types of investigations that McAuliffe is now facing. Their playbook has always been to obfuscate and attack. With this lie from McAuliffe, it appears he’s learned a great deal from the Clinton playbook.