November 18, 2015

Texas Democrat Draws Primary Opponent Due To Shady Campaign Contributions

Pete Gallego, who is running for Congress in Texas’ 23rd district, appears to have drawn a primary opponent due controversial campaign contributions. Felipe Vargas, a liberal activist, is planning to run a “message-driven crusade” against Gallego over donations he accepted.

“He block-walked for Gallego in 2012, and probably wouldn’t be in the District 23 race if not for the fact that Gallego accepted $5,000 last year from the GEO Group, a company that specializes in for-profit prisons and immigration detention facilities. Immigration advocacy groups have long accused GEO of negligent treatment of people detained in the company’s facilities.

‘When I found out that he had taken that money, I was indignant,’ Vargas said. ‘Mostly because I had spent my resources and my energy and given my voice to my friends and said, ‘Yeah, you can trust this vato.’ It just felt like a stab in the back, honestly.'”

This isn’t the first time Gallego has come under fire for his shady donors. Gallego also received over $5,000 from Mikal Watts, a lawyer who was recently indicted over charges that he claimed to represent tens of thousands of BP oil spill clients “who were either nonexistent or unaware that they had been signed up for legal representation.”

Gallego is already facing a tough election, so the last thing he needs is a challenge from the left. Unfortunately for Gallgeo, it appears his primary challenger has no intention of letting voters forget about his controversial campaign cash.