March 30, 2016

The Clintons Cost UC Berkeley Millions

Labor group AFSCME Local 3299 has recently been picketing the UC Berkeley campus, due to contentious negotiations. AFSCME wanted the university to hire almost 100 more employees, and the university was resisting, due to its $150 million budget shortfall. Enter the Clintons, who are holding the Clinton Global Initiative University at UC Berkeley next week.

Worried that AFSCME, which has endorsed Hillary Clinton, would picket the CGI, UC Berkeley has folded. According to an AFSCME spokesman, there was a direct connection between the Clinton event and the cash-strapped university having to add millions to its budget:

“With labor threatening to throw up a picket line this week around former President Bill Clinton’s big student gathering at UC Berkeley, the cash-tight university agreed to spend millions of dollars to hire dozens of contract and part-time workers as full-time campus employees. ‘I think it’s clear that the UC Berkeley didn’t want to have the Clinton event picketed,’ said Todd Stenhouse, spokesman for Local 3299 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents 22,000 workers at UC campuses.”

This is hardly the first time a Clinton has cost a UC system school a significant amount of money. Back in March of 2014, Hillary Clinton spoke at UCLA for the “special university rate” of $300,000:

“And of course, there was the matter of Clinton’s $300,000 speaking fee. When officials asked for a price reduction on behalf of the public university, Clinton’s representatives didn’t budge, saying $300,000 was already the ‘special university rate.'”