February 10, 2016

The Morning News Was Dominated By Coverage Of Hillary Clinton’s Loss

Last night, Sen. Bernie Sanders soundly defeated Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, a state where Clinton once held a 56-point lead.

CNN’s Tom Foreman reviewed CNN’s New Hampshire exit polls, which if possible make Clinton’s 20 point loss, look even worse. According to CNN, only 5 percent of Clinton supports found her to be honest. Foreman noted that that number is “eating her alive.”

Foreman went on to say about Clinton’s honesty numbers:

FOREMAN: This is absolutely an issue. And I’m telling you, Carol, this plays completely into this thing, the Clinton campaign is trying to handle this right now but the speeches and what she’s paid and whether she’ll release the transcript of them, whether you think that’s right or wrong or she has anything wrong with that or not, it plays into this narrative that we saw among New Hampshire voters. They don’t feel they can trust her.

The CNN exit polls also showed Clinton struggling with the youth vote: 83 percent of voters aged 18-29 went to Sanders, while just 16 percent went to Clinton.

Bloomberg’s Megan Murphy said of last night’s defeat:

MURPHY: It’s just a DISASTER for her. Last night was DEVASTATING. And the speeches are a real — a real issue. We’ve been talking to contacts at Goldman, contacts at companies to try to get context of what’s in there. We know she’s probably said things that she regrets, whether overly praising the financial industry whether it’s not taking on big business. This is a big future liability for her and not the only one she has, the FBI investigation the e-mails continue. She has struggled to do anything right over the last few weeks.

The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said of Clinton’s performance in New Hampshire, “This is not a good morning for Hillary Clinton period. It simply isn’t, she got creamed.”

While ABC’s Cecilia Vega reported, “Certainly this morning, there is some serious soul-searching happening inside Team Clinton.”

Pundits were also critical of Clinton’s message. On MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” the panel questioned what Clinton’s message was, with no one being able to give an answer. Mika Brzezinski said of Clinton’s message, “she just gives long lists.”

Mother Jones David Corn said of Clinton’s message:

CORN: Hillary Clinton seems to be flopping about a bit, trying to figure out what to say other than, that she has a great resume and that she’s competent and can be pragmatic. Voting for a president is often an emotional act for a lot of people. It’s about your feeling. You want someone who represents your own visions and your view of America. And just coming in and saying, well, I have a great resume, I can do a good job, Michael Dukakis tried that in ’88. It didn’t work in the general. I think Clinton, besides playing demographic politics, has to find a way to connect with a broader range of Democrats as a prelude of connecting with a broader range of Americans.

With two states down, more people in the Democratic Party have voted for a 74-year-old socialist than the former Democratic frontrunner.