November 19, 2015

The Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy: Failed Decision-Making

This morning, America Rising published its first Medium post by executive director Colin Reed. The post explains why Secretary Clinton’s failed vision, judgment, and decision-making in President Obama’s State Department makes her disqualified to become commander-in-chief during these dangerous times. Below is the case against Clinton’s failed decision-making:

In March 2011, then-Secretary Clinton became a “strong advocate” for U.S. intervention in Libya. Her staff referred to her as the “public face of U.S. effort in Libya.” Vox has said “it’s true that Clinton was the main architect of US Libya policy.” She ultimately convinced President Obama that intervention was the right policy to pursue, despite opposition from three of his top national security officials. Clinton then helped coordinate the international coalition and told reluctant Arab nations it was important to her personally. As The Washington Post has labeled, the U.S. intervention in Libya is “Hillary’s War.”

Despite saying she was responsible for a post-Gaddhafi Libya, Clinton actually had no plan, a point that President Obama has called his “biggest foreign policy regret.”

Since Clinton’s failed war in Libya, the country has “descended into chaos,” as ISIS has established a presence in the country and have been able to “rapidly expand their presence” throughout Libya. The New York Times’ Maureen Dowd has referred to it as “a lawless country full of assassinations and jihadist training camps.”

With Libya as the main example of Clinton taking action as Secretary of State, Americans see clearly that she is not the right person to be Commander-in-Chief.