November 19, 2015

The Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy: Failed Judgment

This morning, America Rising published its first Medium post by executive director Colin Reed. The post explains why Secretary Clinton’s failed vision, judgment, and decision-making in President Obama’s State Department makes her disqualified to become commander-in-chief during these dangerous times. Below is the case against Clinton’s failed judgment:

During Hillary Clinton’s four years at the State Department, she was consistently and devastatingly wrong about the foreign policy challenges our country faced. On Syria, Clinton judged that Bashar al-Assad was a “reformer.” Assad has now gone on to launch a devastating crackdown on his citizens, including using chemical weapons against innocent civilians.

The same inability to accurately judge a world leader was apparent in her “re-set” with Russia. Then-Secretary Clinton pushed a policy to move closer to Russia. Vladimir Putin took advantage of better relations with the U.S. to invade a sovereign neighbor and sell advanced missile technology to Iran. Clinton didn’t grasp Russia’s bellicose intentions as Secretary of State, and with Russia increases its involvement in the Middle East, that same inability would be dangerous as Commander-in-Chief.

Perhaps Clinton’s most deadly mistake was preventing Boko Haram from being added to the list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations for years. Just yesterday, Boko Haram was named the “world’s deadliest terrorist group” responsible for 6,664 deaths in 2014 alone. Clinton’s failure to see that Boko Haram deserved to be labeled a foreign terrorist organization prevented the U.S. from fully fighting back against Boko Haram.

With ISIS on the march, the failed judgment Hillary Clinton showed as Secretary of State should disqualify from leading the United States during these dangerous times.