November 19, 2015

The Obama-Clinton Foreign Policy: Failed Vision

This morning, America Rising published its first Medium post by executive director Colin Reed. The post explains why Secretary Clinton’s failed vision, judgment, and decision-making in President Obama’s State Department makes her disqualified to become commander-in-chief during these dangerous times. Below is the case against Clinton’s failed vision:

During last week’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa, Secretary Clinton refused to identify our enemy as “radical Islam.” The absurd rhetorical dance puts her to the left of Martin O’Malley and the socialist president of France on the issue of fighting terrorism.

The simple fact is we are at war with radical Islam, an ideology that hates our way of life and is on a mission to kill us and create a worldwide caliphate. How can Secretary Clinton be trusted to defeat our enemy when she doesn’t even know who they are?

While disappointing, Secretary Clinton’s comment isn’t surprising, as during a 2014 speech at Georgetown, she actually declared that America must “empathize” with our enemies.