February 18, 2016

The Question Of Honesty And Trustworthiness Continues To Dog Hillary Clinton

A new WSJ/NBC poll released this evening shows Hillary Clinton’s national lead is rapidly evaporating. Only a month ago Clinton led Bernie Sanders 59 percent to 34 percent.

This month’s poll shows Clinton with only an 11-point lead on Sanders a steep 14-point drop.

Some numbers that are probably troubling the Clinton campaign:

A third of Democratic primary voters say the issue of honesty and trustworthiness matters the most to them when choosing a candidate. Sanders is winning that group 48 percent to 19 percent for Clinton.

NBC’s Chuck Todd said of these numbers, “they continue to dog Clinton.”

Twenty six percent of Democratic primary voters say someone who cares about people like them is the most important quality in a candidate. Sanders wins this group by 13 points.

The poll also found that, “Sanders’s gains over the past month were due in large part to rising support among younger women.” A group that the Clinton campaign probably once thought was firmly in their corner.