January 18, 2016

The Results Are In: Secretary Clinton Clear “Loser” Of Last Night’s Debate

Last night was the final Democratic debate before the first two early states cast their votes, and it seems there is one emerging consensus this morning: Secretary Clinton was the clear “loser.”

Both The Washington Post and Vox listed Clinton in the “loser” column in their post debate wrap-ups. Bloomberg’s Mark Halperin said of Clinton’s inability to stop her chief rival’s surging momentum: “This is the last debate before Iowa and I don’t think she stopped it here. I think she tried to have some arguments and we’ll see which one she chooses going forward. But she did not put the brakes on what is still a confident, not just Sanders himself but a very confident Sanders operation fired up on the ground in Iowa in a way that she’s going to have to match.”

Halperin also graded Sanders’ debate performance better than Clinton’s giving Sanders a B+.

The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich said of the debate, “Bernie Sanders finally learned how to debate, it seems like. He got there; he wasn’t going to take the attacks that Hillary was waging at him. Like we’ve seen him done in the previous debates. His answer on gun control as an example, in these other debates he’s had, he’s had trouble coming back at Hillary Clinton and this time he had an answer and he sort of made it a nonissue which is a huge improvement in his skills, just that issue alone.”

While CNN’s Mark Preston said, “If you were to step back and say who won or lost, I think Bernie Sanders won last night.”

NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reported, “And, in fact, after the debate, South Carolina’s leading Democratic Congressman James Clyburn told us that if Bernie Sanders wins big in Iowa, it will redefine the race. He says he’s got a much better organization here in South Carolina than Clyburn had realized and that it could mean a replay of 2008 when Hillary Clinton lost to Barack Obama here.”

This debate performance did nothing to stop the nervous handwriting in Brooklyn as they grapple with the possibility of a repeat performance of 2008 in 2016.