January 25, 2016

The Utter Chaos That Is The Illinois Senate Primary

This Sunday, Rev. Jesse Jackson endorsed Andrea Zopp for US Senate, adding another high profile endorsement to the chaotic three-way primary between Former Chicago Urban League president Andrea Zopp, Rep. Tammy Duckworth, and State Sen. Napoleon Harris.

With Jackson by her side, Zopp took the time to address the upcoming primary debates, an issue she’s been attacking her opponent, Tammy Duckworth, on. Zopp said she is the “only candidate willing to come and talk about these issues in more than one debate.”

In a press release sent out by her campaign last week, Duckworth said she will be participating in three upcoming debates. However, according to the Alton Daily News, only one of those is a traditional debate televised for voters. Zopp also takes issue with the fact that all three “debates” are in Chicago, saying that this will offend voters downstate who “absolutely want to hear from the candidates.” And as it turns out, Zopp isn’t the only one noticing Duckworth’s lackluster campaign.

Last week, the Cook Political Report noted that Duckworth “is not well known outside her congressional district and isn’t always a strong presence on the stump.” With the Illinois primary less than two months away, Duckworth doesn’t have much time to change this perception of her campaign.

That being said, the Democratic primary is only the beginning of the fight for one of these three candidates. The Cook Political Report recently moved the Illinois senate race into the “Toss Up” column, meaning that whoever ends up winning this wildly chaotic primary will have just as tough of a fight in the general election.