October 10, 2016

Three Clips That Show Ann Kirkpatrick Is Extremely Out Of Touch With Arizonans

Ann Kirkpatrick cannot be happy with tonight’s Arizona Senate debate. That’s because for most of the debate she was on the defensive. On issue after issue, Kirkpatrick had to duck and dodge because she’s on a different side of the issue than Arizona voters.

First, Kirkpatrick has been seriously hampered by her awful non-answer about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness during this campaign. Kirkpatrick eventually had to toe the line, and say that Clinton was trustworthy. During the first debate, with the state of Arizona watching, Kirkpatrick had to once again reiterate that she found Clinton, one of the least trusted politicians in history, honest and trustworthy:

The debate didn’t get much better when the moderators turned the conversation over to then-Secretary of State Clinton’s Benghazi conduct. Once again Kirkpatrick showed that her loyalty was to Hillary Clinton, not Arizonans, by defending Clinton’s actions related to the tragedy in Benghazi:

Finally, Obamacare has been a major focus in the Arizona Senate race, especially since Pinal County faced the prospect of having no insurance providers in their Obamacare exchange in 2017. Even with those troubles, and massive premium hikes coming in 2017, Kirkpatrick still maintained tonight that her vote for Obamacare was her “proudest moment” in Congress: