March 14, 2016

Three Gaffes In Three Days For Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is on a gaffe hot streak. Yesterday marked the third day in a row where Clinton made a serious error on the campaign trail. During CNN’s town hall Clinton gaffed when talking about coal, on Saturday Clinton comically disparaged Sanders on health care reform work in the 1990s, and on Friday Clinton praised Nancy Reagan’s AIDS advocacy.

Sunday: At the CNN town hall, Clinton claimed that she is “going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” Her campaign has already walked back that comment, with a spokeswoman today saying about Clinton, “she wasn’t very clear about how she said that.”

Saturday: Trying to disparage Bernie Sanders’ activism on health care, Clinton asked rhetorically where he was when she was trying to pass heath care reform in the 90s:

“She said she has ‘a little chuckle to myself’ when she thinks about the current debates over health care. ‘I don’t know,’ Mrs. Clinton said. ‘Where was he when I was trying to get health care in ’93 and ’94?’”

The answer came shortly after: literally right behind her.

Friday: While attending Nancy Reagan’s funeral, Clinton told Nancy Reagan that “started a national conversation” on AIDS. The condemnation of Clinton’s comments was fast and furious, with once activist questioning whether he could continue to support Clinton:

“I wonder if Hillary had any notion of how hateful what she said is to so many people who were going to support her. For the first time I really questioned whether I’m going to vote for her.”

The backlash was so overpowering that Clinton apologized for her remarks not once, but twice.