December 28, 2015

Three Reasons Why Russ Feingold Had A Terrible, Awful, No Good, Very Bad 2015

Failed former Senator Russ Feingold announced on May 14, 2015 that he would try again to reclaim the senate seat that the people of Wisconsin fired him from six years ago. Since that announcement, Feingold has endured bad headlines, nagging questions and continued reminders about why he lost by five points in 2010 and why his ongoing campaign is bound to suffer the same fate.

Progressives United Scandal

Feingold formed a PAC after losing his Senate seat that was supposed to contribute money to candidates running for office.

-Instead, FEC reports showed that the committee gave a mere 5% of its donations to other politicians.

-Feingold used the bulk of the donations to pay himself and his former staffers, keeping in place a shadow campaign for his next political move.

-The failed former Senator’s actions were labeled as “brazen hypocrisy,” and “delicious irony.”

Broken Campaign Finance Pledge

-In 1992, Feingold made a “garage-door pledge” that he would raise a majority of his campaign contributions from Wisconsinites and said the pledge was good for the future.

-In 2015, FEC reports revealed that Feingold’s campaign was collecting a majority of his donations from outside the state of Wisconsin.

-For breaking his pledge, PolitiFact gave the failed former Senator its rare, “Full Flop.”

Weak National Security Record

-Following deadly terrorist attacks, the failed former Senator was reminded of votes he cast against measures too keep Americans safe, like the PATRIOT Act and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security,

-Feingold also voted three times against extending a provision designed to prevent “lone wolf” terrorist attacks.

-Feingold has praised President Obama’s handling of international affairs despite a majority Americans disapproving of the President’s foreign policy.

It’s pretty remarkable that someone with so much experience running for public office could face all these problems during the first seven months of yet another campaign, but Russ Feingold has found a way. From what voters have learned in 2015, it’s obvious that the failed former Senator cannot be trusted, since his Progressives United scandal and broken campaign finance pledge show him to be nothing more than a hypocrite. Combine Feingold’s hypocrisy with the spotlight on his incompetent foreign policy stances that will further weaken America on the global stage, and it’s easy to see why the failed former Senator is so anxious to get 2015 over and done with

Unfortunately for Feingold, these issues are certain to dog him throughout 2016 as well. As Wisconsinites continue learn about his where the failed former Senator stands, they will see why it makes no sense to send a career politician with a record of failure back to Washington.