March 17, 2016

Three Strikes And You’re Out: Warren Again Refuses To Endorse Clinton

In the last 24 hours, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been asked in two more interviews if she plans on supporting Hillary Clinton for president. To no one’s surprise, Warren continued to give Clinton the cold shoulder. These two interviews mean that three different times this week Warren has been asked this question, and three times she’s refused to answer.

CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell became so exasperated that Warren wouldn’t answer her Wall Street questions that she even called Warren out, saying, “You’re not answering my question, Senator,” and reminding her, “It’s just a yes or no question.” Even after that, Warren did not answer O’Donnell’s yes or no question.

This morning, Warren’s interview with CBS News got a bit contentious as she refused to answer Norah O’Donnell’s question regarding her lack of an endorsement and whether or not she believes Clinton has a duty to release her Wall Street speech transcripts:

“‘Look, I think that our candidates are out doing what they should be doing in a primary. They are debating the issues,’ said Warren, whose outspokenness against Wall Street has fueled and defined her career both in and out of Congress. Anchor Norah O’Donnell interjected, noting that the senator had not answered her question, which has persisted as an issue throughout the Democratic primary even as the former secretary of state has amassed a large lead over Sanders in delegates. ‘They answer for themselves,’ Warren responded, dodging again. ‘What I’m doing is I’m telling you what I think should be going on right now in this primary.'”

Last night as well, Warren completely sidestepped Chris Hayes’ question on a presidential endorsement. She used the same “proud to be a Democrat” as she did this morning in order to duck picking a candidate in the race.