1 year ago

Tim Canova: The Insurgent Democrat Everyone Knows

Yesterday, Tim Canova asked America Rising “[do] you know who I am?” The answer to that is yes, America Rising knows who you are… and so does embattled Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who has witnessed Canova’s long shot insurgent primary bid become a real threat.

Canova, who was endorsed by Bernie Sanders, recently announced that he has raised a whopping $2 million in his campaign against the longtime Florida politician and current Chair of the Democratic National Committee. Wasserman Schultz has refused to release her recent fundraising numbers in the shadow of Canova’s behemoth haul, but in the first quarter of 2016, she raised $632,000 – or less than 1/3 of Canova’s eye-popping number. Canova has found success in his campaign against Wasserman Schultz mainly due to her disastrous record as DNC Chair that has inflamed disgruntled Bernie Sanders-supporting Democrats who believe (correctly) that she has had her finger on the scale for Secretary Clinton all along.

As Wasserman Schultz struggles to defeat Canova in what has become the fight of her political life, the voters of Florida’s 18th Congressional District are definitely getting to know Tim Canova.