October 4, 2016

Tim Kaine Defends Clinton’s Trustworthiness, Can’t Name A Personal Accomplishment

During tonight’s Vice Presidential debate, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) was asked the first question about why he was picked as Hillary Clinton’s running mate. He used that time to spout a collection of platitudes because the reality is that during his time as Governor of Virginia he had no signature accomplishments:

Kaine’s Administration Ultimately Lacked “A Signature Legislative Accomplishment” Comparable To His Predecessor’s Tax Increase Deal. “His administration lacks a signature legislative accomplishment similar to that of his predecessor, Mark R. Warner, who ushered a $1.38 billion tax increase through the General Assembly in 2004. Mr. Kaine’s own multibillion tax package to fund transportation collapsed in 2007. The plan involved regional taxing authorities, which were deemed unconstitutional, and the so-called ‘abuser fees’ on bad drivers, which proved overwhelmingly unpopular.” (“Kaine Defends Urging Tax Hike In Final Budget,” The Washington Times, 12/24/09)

According To University Of Richmond Political Science Professor Dan Palazzolo, There Is No Significant Accomplishment That Stands Out From Kaine’s Time As Governor. “Dan Palazzolo, a political science professor at the University of Richmond, notes that there isn’t anything spectacularly extraordinary that stands out as the significant accomplishment from Kaine’s time as governor, as he had trouble passing major packages with a Republican legislature, and he was serving during the lead-up and the height of the financial crisis.” (Kailani Koenig, “Tim Kaine: A Traditional VP Choice For Clinton In An Unconventional Year,” NBC News, 7/4/16)

Senator Kaine was then questioned about Hillary Clinton’s trustworthiness. Incredibly, Kaine spent his time defending Clinton’s trustworthiness. Yet the reality is that Clinton is not trusted by 67% of Americans because of her email scandal and the conflict of interest culture at the Clinton Foundation.