October 4, 2016

Tim Kaine Lies About Director Comey’s Damaging Statements On Clinton’s Email Scandal

Senator Tim Kaine, like Hillary Clinton, can’t stop lying about what FBI Director James Comey told the nation about Hillary Clinton’s private email server. During the Vice Presidential debate, Kaine tried to mislead the American people about Director Comey’s statements by saying Comey cleared Clinton. That’s just not true. See below for the many damaging comments Director Comey made about Clinton’s email scandal:

VIDEO: During July 2016 Remarks On The FBI Investigation Into Clinton’s Email Server, FBI Director James Comey Said Clinton And Her Staff “… Were Extremely Careless in Their Handling Of Very Sensitive Highly Classified Information.” COMEY: “Although we did not find clear evidence that Secretary Clinton or her colleagues intended to violate laws governing the handling of classified information, there is evidence that they were extremely careless in their handling of very sensitive, highly classified information. For example, seven email chains concern matters that were classified at the Top Secret Special Access Program at the time they were sent and received. Those chains involved Secretary Clinton both sending emails about those matters and receiving emails about those same matters. There is evidence to support a conclusion that any reasonable person in Secretary Clinton’s position or in the position of those with whom she was corresponding about those matters should have known that an unclassified system was no place for that conversation.” (FBI Director James Comey, Remarks On The Investigation Into Clinton’s Private Email Use, Washington, DC, 7/5/16)

VIDEO: During July 7, 2016 Testimony, Comey Said That Chappaqua, New York, Was An Unauthorized Location For Clinton’s Email Server. REP. JASON CHAFFETZ (R-UT): “Thank you, director. I’m going to recognize myself here. Physically where were Hillary Clinton’s servers?” COMEY: “The operational server was in the basement of her home in New York. The reason I’m answering it that way, is that sometimes after they were decommissioned they were moved to other facilitates — storage facilities, but the live device was always in the basement.” CHAFFETZ: “Was that an authorized or unauthorized location?” COMEY: “It was an unauthorized location for the transmitting of classified information.” CHAFFETZ: “Is it reasonable or unreasonable to expect Hillary Clinton would receive and send classified information?” COMEY: “As Secretary of State, reasonable that the Secretary of State would encounter classified information in the course of the Secretary’s work.” CHAFFETZ: “Via e-mail?” COMEY: “Sure, depending upon the nature of the system. To communicate classified information, it would have to be a classified rated e-mail system.” CHAFFETZ: “But you did find more than 100 e-mails that were classified that had gone through that server correct?” COMEY: “Right, through an unclassified server, correct.” CHAFFETZ: “Yes. So Hillary Clinton did come to possess documents and materials containing classified information via e-mail on these unsecured servers, correct?” COMEY: “That is correct.” (FBI Director James Comey, Testimony Before The Committee On Oversight And Government Reform, U.S. House Of Representatives, 7/7/16)

VIDEO: During The Testimony, Comey Admitted That Clinton Did Not “… Comply With The Department’s Policies Or The Federal Records Act.” REP. JODY HICE (R-GA): “Director, did Secretary Clinton in fact comply with the department’s policies or the Federal Records Act?” COMEY: “I don’t think so. I know you have the State Inspector General here, who’s more of expert on all the department’s policies but at least in some respects, no.” (FBI Director James Comey, Testimony Before The Committee On Oversight And Government Reform, U.S. House Of Representatives, 7/7/16)