July 22, 2016

Tim Kaine Stumbles On The One Yard Line

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) is the favorite to become Hillary Clinton’s running mate. With the announcement coming so soon, the last thing Kaine can afford is enflaming the left-wing of the Democratic Party because Clinton is already suspect among that crowd.

Yet in a break with Kaine’s “boring” nature, the Virginia senator managed to enrage liberals yesterday. That’s because Kaine signed two letters pushing the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and federal banking regulators to loosen regulations on banks.

The uproar on the left swiftly followed Kaine’s actions. Democracy for America called it “disqualifying” to Kaine’s vice presidential aspirations, while the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said a Kaine pick would now “deflate energy among potential donors and volunteers.”

Hillary Clinton is a historically cautious politician. Given the volume of negative headlines Kaine has faced in the past 24 hours, the presumptive Democratic nominee must be nervous that a Kaine pick would cause many unhappy Sanders supporters to stay home in November.

See below for many of those awful Kaine headlines:

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The Intercept: “Tim Kaine, Possible Hillary Clinton Pick for Vice President, Goes to Bat for Banks”