July 27, 2016

Time and Again, Leon Panetta Criticized Clinton’s Foreign Policy Judgment

If Leon Panetta takes the DNC stage and praises Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy record, context is necessary. Since leaving public office, Panetta has been a frequent critic of Clinton’s failed record.See below for just some of the examples when Panetta proved Clinton did not have the foreign policy judgment to be president:

  • Panetta has criticized the Obama-Clinton decision to not push for a residual force in Iraq.
  • Unlike Clinton, Panetta knew the Benghazi attack was a terrorist attack.
  • While Clinton has been a strong supporter of Obama’s Syria policy, Panetta has attacked it as vacillating and a “blow to American credibility.”
  • Unlike Clinton who as supported Obama’s ISIS strategy, Panetta has cast doubt on its ability to stop the terrorist group.
  • According to Vice President Biden, in contrast to how Clinton tells it, only Panetta was a “solid go” to assassinate Osama Bin Laden.