February 13, 2017

Tom Perez Cannot Name A Single Sanders Supporter Backing His DNC Candidacy

Speaking with TYT Politics, former Obama Labor Secretary Tom Perez provided a perfect encapsulation of the growing civil war within the Democratic Party. Perez was asked repeatedly if he could name a single prominent Bernie Sanders supporter promoting his candidacy, and he came up empty:

Perhaps Perez still had Sanders’ sharp words in his head when the Vermont senator referred to Perez’ candidacy as the “failed status-quo approach” last week.

This tremendously embarrassing moment for Perez shows that if he happens to win, he’ll have very little chance of unifying the Democratic Party. The race for DNC Chairman is a microcosm of the larger Democratic civil war between the establishment discredited by Hillary Clinton’s massive loss and a grassroots made up of extremists and radicals who supported Bernie Sanders.

Since entering the DNC race, Perez has struggled to unify a fractured party behind his candidacy. Now we know that Perez is certainly not the candidate to mend the broken Democratic party.