August 9, 2017

Tom Perez Is Oblivious To Single Payer Divide Within The Dem Party

Yesterday, Politico reported that flunking Bernie Sanders’ single payer litmus test could have real consequences, namely a primary challenge for Democratic incumbents across the country. This was a major development, and an obvious concern for establishment Democrats in DC.

Yet, if you heard hapless DNC Chairman Tom Perez’s response yesterday, you’d think everything is just fine. Speaking in Denver, Chairman Perez was asked about the divide over single payer afflicting the Democratic Party. In his answer, Perez briefly took his head out of the sand to say that he doesn’t “really see it as a divide”:

That’s not what many “party officials” told Politico yesterday though. In contradiction to Perez’s comments, establishment Democrats told Politico that they are extremely worried that the single payer divide within the Democratic Party will manifest itself in the form of brutal, expensive primary fights next year:

“With Sanders promising to play a major role in 2018 races, that’s led many party officials to worry about the prospect of his involvement in primaries that could upend the Democratic establishment’s plans to win crucial House, Senate and gubernatorial seats.”

Chairman Perez might want to wish away Sanders’ single payer litmus test, but Our Revolution will be sure to enforce it next year. Democrats are in for a very expensive primary season.