January 14, 2016

VIDEO: Tone Deaf Katie McGinty Uses PA Budget Crisis As A Laugh Line

Few would have guessed one of Katie McGinty’s first references to the Pennsylvania budget crisis engulfing Harrisburg would be a warm-up joke for a political speech, but that’s exactly what she did at an ag community event on Saturday.

McGinty has thus far avoided talking about her role in Pennsylvania’s ongoing budget crisis in her campaign, ostensibly because her hyper-partisan approach as chief of staff contributed to the breakdown of budget negotiations and then she abandoned her post to run for senate when the state was still in crisis.

However, the issue shows no signs of going away as McGinty’s two rivals for the Democratic nomination have been taking both open and veiled shots at her, with Joe Sestak handing out supplies to Pennsylvanians impacted by the crisis (and tweeting pictures of him doing it) and both Sestak and John Fetterman blasting a Harry Reid fundraising email for McGinty that touted her work on the governor’s budget.

As the state approaches its 200th day without a budget, it remains to be seen if Pennsylvania voters will be as amused as McGinty and her Washington backers over the crisis causing real problems across the Keystone State.

Video Transcript

INTRODUCER: “Katie McGinty, Katie, if you would come up.”

MCGINTY: “Well it’s good to see everybody. Happy New Year and happy hundredth farm show? Who’s been here for all hundred? Where’s Senator [inaudible]? It feels like a hundred years of fighting for this budget though right? [laughter]

Hi, I’m Katie McGinty and I am here to ask you for your support in this U.S. Senate run.”