November 4, 2015

Top 5 Reasons Democrats Had A Terrible Tuesday

Waking up this morning was just a little bit tougher for Democrats across the country today. Armed with a set of losing issues that ultimately doomed their campaigns, Democrats lost key races in Kentucky, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. See below for more on how Democrats blew it and what this means moving forward:

1. A top Democrat defender of ObamaCare went down in Kentucky. Despite most polls showing Attorney General Jack Conway, one of the state’s top defenders of ObamaCare, in the lead heading into Election Day, Conway lost to Republican Matt Bevin. In perhaps an early indicator of the direction this race was heading, Conway described ObamaCare—a law that polls from last year showed was viewed unfavorable by 57 percent of the population—as “phenomenally successful.”

2. Despite millions from Bloomberg, Virginia Senate stays red. Anti-Second Amendment crusader Michael Bloomberg poured $2.2 million in ads for two Democratic Senate candidates. The idea was that by taking these seats, Democrats could seize control of the legislature and, with a sitting Democrat as governor, pass whatever laws they wanted to. But, when voters went into the polling booth, Bloomberg’s special interest money coup failed.

3. The DSCC lost their best recruit in Kentucky. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is a somber place this morning as top Kentucky recruit and incumbent State Auditor Adam Edelen lost his reelection bid to Republican Mike Harmon. The win is significant because most expected Edelen to challenge Sen. Rand Paul in 2016. With this unexpected and embarrassing loss on his record, Senate Democrats are forced to go fishing for a new candidate to prop up.

4. Gov. McAuliffe couldn’t deliver. The governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, is a longtime friend to Hillary Clinton, who most certainly needs Virginia’s 13 electoral votes to take the White House in 2016. But McAuliffe’s inability to help Democrats win the state senate doesn’t bode well for his ability to deliver Virginia to Clinton this time next year.

5. Clinton’s new anti-Second Amendment policies could be a liability. In recent weeks, Hillary Clinton has taken an aggressive stance against Second Amendment rights. Given the money that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown For Gun Safety wasted on Virginia’s Senate races, it could be an indicator that Clinton’s new position may not sit well with most American voters.