March 14, 2016

Top Clinton Surrogate Is Already Waging A War On Coal

During the CNN Democratic town hall last night, Hilary Clinton announced if elected her polices would, “put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.”

If Americans living in coal country are skeptical about this statement, then they need look no further than longtime Clinton ally and current Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and his war on coal.

On Friday, McAuliffe vetoed a coal tax credit that according to supporters of the legislation, would have greatly benefited southwest Virginia’s coal industry:

“The legislation on coal tax credits, which supporters said would help families that depend on coal jobs, had passed the Senate and the House of Delegates by veto-proof margins.”

 “McAuliffe vetoed similar legislation last year. He said Friday that he’s confident he has the votes to sustain his veto in the closely divided Senate.”

According to The Washington Post, McAuliffe is playing politics with a coal tax credit in the state, offering to support it but only if southwest Virginia Republicans switch sides and back his Supreme Court pick.

Imagine how much America’s coal industry would suffer under a Clinton presidency if she treated the coal industry as a political pawn like McAuliffe clearly does.