April 25, 2016

Top Clinton Surrogate Rendell Calls Sanders Voters Disrespectful

Top Clinton surrogate Ed Rendell (D-PA) is doing the Clinton campaign no favors as the Pennsylvania primary approaches tomorrow. While Hillary Clinton is attempting to unify the hopelessly fractured Democratic party, former Governor Rendell is going out of his way to insult Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

Rendell appeared at a rally this weekend with Bill Clinton and did not mince words about how he felt about Bernie Sanders’ voters:

“Mr. Rendell, despite being out of office, remains a Clinton loyalist and, on Saturday, he delivered a pointed attack on Mrs. Clinton’s present rival for the nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.). Speaking at a rally with former President Bill Clinton, Mr. Rendell opened with a jab at the crowds Mr. Sanders draws. ‘The difference between our crowds and Sen. Sanders’s crowds is that we’re always respectful,’ said Mr. Rendell. He did not elaborate on what he meant.”

Rendell’s “jabs” at Sanders and his voters also inadvertently highlighted Rendell’s past critiques of Clinton for acting in a similar, less than respectful, fashion.

It’s safe to say that Rendell’s run of gaffes these past few weeks have solidified his place in the Clinton campaign’s Surrogate Hall of Shame. With the Pennsylvania primary soon to be in the rearview mirror, Rendell’s days of speaking at Clinton rallies are certainly coming to a close.