December 27, 2015

Top Eight Stories Hillary Clinton Is Hoping You Didn’t Read Over Christmas

While Americans across the country were enjoying the holidays with family and friends, HillaryClinton was dealing with an avalanche of bad press and negative news narratives. Below are the eight stories Clinton hoped you missed while you were tracking Santa:

  1. In a continuation of their disagreement from the last Democratic debate, Senator Bernie Sanders took the gloves off and blasted Clinton for taking “an absolutely obscene amount of money” from the pharmaceutical industry.
  2. Hillary Clinton’s “Hispandering” backfired in spectacular fashion, even leading to an organic grassroots rebellion against her on social media with its own hashtag: #notmyabuela.
  3. Opposition to the Obama Administration’s newly-announced deportation plan was swift and unsparing from Sanders and Martin O’Malley, who immediately issued red-faced statements reading in part, “I am very disturbed” and, “We are a better nation than this,” respectively. Hillary Clinton’s response was conspicuously more nuanced and muted (Washington Post headline: “Clinton campaign walks fine line on controversial DHS deportation plan”). Perhaps Team Clinton is cognizant of their candidate’s statement at the height of the 2014 border crisis that children migrants “should be sent back.”
  4. Sanders ripped the scandal-plagued Clinton confidante Rahm Emanuel, who continues to receive Hillary Clinton’s steadfast confidence. Sanders has said he doesn’t “want or need” support from the embattled Chicago mayor.
  5. Ahead of President Obama’s early 2016 summit in California with Asian leaders, the editorial board of an influential Florida newspaper took Clinton to task for her “politically motivated” “flip flop” to the bipartisan trade deal that she not so long ago was touting as the “gold standard.”
  6. Politico reports that a group is running Christmas-based ads in New Hampshire that highlight Clinton’s many scandals and failures including her private email server, the re-set with Russia, and the millions in foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation.
  7. Former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb lit into Clinton for her “inept leadership” as Secretary of State, sparking speculation he will mount a third-party independent bid for the White House.
  8. The Hill reported that “key figures” of the Democratic establishment, like Vice President Biden, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and the AFL-CIO, have held out on endorsing Clinton.