May 18, 2016

Top Facts In Hillary Clinton’s 2015 Financial Disclosure

Late last night Hillary Clinton released her 2015 financial disclosure, and we learned that Bill Clinton is a man of his word. Last May, Clinton stated that he was going to continue giving big money speeches because he had to pay the bills.

Looking at the Clintons’ financial disclosure, we learned Bill kept that promise millions of time over, showing that he made $5.2 million last year from paid speeches. Many of those speaking gigs came after Hillary announced her candidacy for president.

Hillary Clinton also continued giving big money speeches in 2015, earning $1.4 million. All told, the Clintons made a total of $6.7 million from paid speeches in 2015.

The Clinton’s 2015 speech income of $6.7 million means that they earned 125 times more from their paid speeches than the median American household earned.

Hillary Clinton also reported foreign speech income, earning $675,000 for three speeches given in Canada last year, while Bill Clinton made $550,000 for two speeches delivered in Canada.

Besides her speech income, Hillary Clinton made $5 million from her book Hard Choices.

While making millions in speech income, Bill Clinton continued to receive thousands of dollars in payouts from the Arkansas Public Employee Retirement System Defined Benefit Plan.

Hillary Clinton continued to act as a trustee for four different trusts.

The Clintons also reported that their net worth was in the tens of millions, not including their multiple million dollar mansion:

“The Clintons’ net worth, as indicated on the form, is between $11.3 million and $52.7 million — not including their multimillion dollar homes in Washington and New York, any federal government retirement accounts they may have, or personal items such as furniture and artwork.”