December 31, 2015

Top Five Emails That Show Clinton Is Untrustworthy, Dishonest & Unethical

Today, the State Department released roughly 5,500 pages of emails from Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. In today’s release, 275 messages were deemed “classified,” bringing the total number of classified emails on Clinton’s private server to 1,274.Once again these emails paint a picture of Hillary Clinton that her collection of sycophants and herself would rather stay private.

Even with the release of thousands of more Clinton emails there are still many questions remaining. The State Department has already admitted that they’ll never have all of Clinton’s work emails available to be viewed. What’s more, the State Department was not even able to meet the quota set on the number of emails to be released in 2015.

Below are the five emails that show Clinton at her most untrustworthy, image-conscious, and out of touch:

1. Clinton was regularly involved with Clinton Foundation business during her taxpayer-funded time at the State Department.

Clinton email 1

Clinton email 22. Clinton’s advisers wanted her to do the Sunday shows because anyone else doing them would be “undermining” to Clinton’s “position at a moment when Americans expect to hear from you.”

Clinton email 3

3. Clinton’s advisers wanted to position her as “President Obama’s Foreign Policy Shield.”

Clinton email 4 Clinton email 5 Clinton email 64. Clinton was consumed with who got credit for the “pivot” to Asia

Clinton email 7

5. From the beginning of her tenure, Clinton’s good friend Sidney Blumenthal sought to keep himself in the Clinton circle, discussing with Doug Band and asking Clinton what projects he should be involved in.

Clinton email 8