January 29, 2016

Top Six Clinton Private Server Emails From Latest Batch

Today’s email dump featured the deeply troubling announcement by the State Department that 22 emails found on Hillary Clinton’s personal email server are now classified as “Top Secret” and are being withheld from release. The State Department also announced they were opening an investigation to see if “if any of the information was classified at the time of transmission” to Clinton’s private server.

While we wait for the results of that investigation here are the top six emails from this latest batch of Clinton emails.

  1. Clinton received secret information that came from “Intelligence activities (including covert action), intelligence sources or methods, or cryptology,” on her private, unsecure server.

Clinton Email 12. Current Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta asked Cheryl Mills, Clinton State Department chief of staff, if Clinton had a private email. No response shown.

Clinton Email 2

3. A year before the tragic Benghazi attacks, there was already evidence that Americans in Benghazi had poor equipment.

Clinton Email 3

4. Clinton receives classified information from Jake Sullivan. Her response was “wow – not good.”


Clinton Email 4

5. Clinton had a private meeting in her office with Stephen Roach of Morgan Stanley.

Clinton Email 5

6. Clinton aide Philippe Reines chewed out Washington Post reporters over a story that Clinton did not have as much White House access as some.

Clinton Email 6