January 6, 2016

Top House Democrat Retires Amid Hopelessness For Democratic Majority

Yesterday, Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) shocked the political world when he announced his retirement from his Long Island swing district. Israel said the reasons for his retirement were the way the House operates and his desire to write a second novel.

However, Israel’s decision to leave Congress paints a bigger, more pessimistic picture: Democrats’ hopelessness in taking back power and languishing in the minority.

Nora Kelly of The Atlantic writes:

“But the move also might reflect a near-inevitability for Democrats going into November’s contest: They aren’t going to win back the House—and long-time public servants in the party are fed up with languishing in the minority.”

What’s more, in an unwitting jab at Democrats, Israel said he is “proud” of his tenure in House leadership roles, during which Democrats experienced one of the worst electoral drubbings in their nearly 200-year history.

Perhaps Israel should write a horror story for his second novel, because that’s all Democrats have experienced under his leadership in the House.