June 12, 2015

Top NBC Anchor Questions Sanity Of Democrat Party

Today, President Obama headed to Capitol Hill to implore his own party to vote on what he hopes to be a huge part of his legacy. With the intra-party fighting and rancor from rank-and-file Democrats, NBC’s Chuck Todd asks the important question: “Has the Democratic Party lost its mind?”

Chuck Todd breaks down the acrimony within the Democratic Party over President Obama’s trade agenda:

“…we get disagreements over policy. But the vehemence coming from Democrats and Democratic groups over these trade votes is something we haven’t seen in the 6 ½ years of Obama’s presidency.”

“Consider yesterday, when anti-trade Rep. Rosa DeLauro accused House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of misreading her caucus on these votes. (Those are fighting words telling a leader that she is misreading her rank-and-file.)”

“And now consider Howard Dean’s old Democracy for America outfit, which is threatening to primary any House Democrats who vote for the trade package.”