December 1, 2015

Top Ten Emails From The November Clinton State Department Email Release

Yesterday, the State Department released 7,800 more pages of Hillary Clinton’s State Department emails. Before Clinton’s emails were released 325 more were classified, the “highest rate yet.” This brings the total number of classified Clinton emails up to 999.

The release of these emails once again underscores Hillary Clinton’s flawed tenure as Secretary of State. Her failed record, as well as her unethical and untrustworthy behavior are consistently exhibited in the emails released by the State Department yesterday. Here is a breakdown of the top ten emails from the just released tranche:

Hillary Clinton’s Legacy of Untrustworthiness

1) Clinton called caucus voters “creatures of the parties’ extremes.”


2) Hillary Clinton’s State Department staff kept a very close eye on the number of countries she had visited as Secretary of State.


3) Clinton thanked her staff for their work in getting convicted murderer Omar Khadr released from Guantanamo Bay.


Hillary Clinton’s Unethical Behavior As Secretary of State

4) Hillary Clinton asked Doug Band to forward to Bill Clinton a report on Northern Ireland politics.


5) Bernard Schwartz was interested in raising money for a Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Public and International Affairs. In 2002 Schwartz came to a $14 million civil settlement with the Justice Department over his unethical dealings with China.

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6) Sid Blumenthal worked with Media Matters to circulate Hillary Clinton’s spin on the Benghazi attacks.


Hillary Clinton’s Failed Record As Secretary of State

7) After Susan Rice’s Meet the Press appearance on Benghazi, Secretary Clinton’s response is classified.


8) In 2012, Anne Marie Slaughter was emailing Hillary Clinton articles about how to end the Syrian civil war.


9) At a press conference, Hillary Clinton failed to support Norway in the face of an aggressive Russia.


10) Hillary Clinton received congratulations for her “key role” in the Libya operation.