September 19, 2016

Out Of Touch Alert: Nolan Brags About Being A Strong Obamacare Supporter

During today’s Minnesota 8th Congressional District debate, Congressman Rick Nolan (D-MN) exposed how out of touch he is with Minnesota voters. No example better encapsulated that than during Nolan’s back and forth on Obamacare. While a majority of Americans disapprove of Obamacare, he couldn’t stop praising it.

Minnesota has suffered greatly under Obamacare, with many losing their plans. Shockingly high premium increases have also devastated Minnesota’s middle class and small business owners. Yet during the debate today, Congressman Nolan bragged about Obamacare, and the 60 votes he cast to protect it:

MODERATOR: “The Affordable Care Act has already come up, and I don’t have to tell either of you about the rising costs, the insurers who are bailing out, but on the positive side, more people have insurance than ever before. Does the Affordable Care Act need to be replaced with something else, or how can it be improved? Representative Nolan, we begin with you.” NOLAN: “Well, I supported I think, I don’t know, 60 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act [Nolan clearly means he opposed attemps to repeal ObamaCare], all of which by the way came up under closed rules with no opportunity to offer amendments and fix many of the things that need fixing in our healthcare system, quite frankly.

Recent events cast Nolan’s statements supporting Obamacare in an even worse light. Earlier this month, the Minnesota Star Tribune reported that Minnesotans could face premium increases as high as 67% in 2017:

“Minnesota health insurers are seeking big premium increases next year for people who buy coverage on their own, with proposed jumps for thousands of people averaging anywhere from 36 percent to 67 percent.”

This bad news followed the devastating development that Blue Cross was cancelling the plans of over 100,000 Minnesotans:

“The decision will have far-reaching implications. Blue Cross Blue Shield says the change will affect about ‘103,000 Minnesotans [who] have purchased Blue Cross coverage on their own, through an agent or broker, or on MNsure,’ the state’s insurance exchange.”

Nolan also made an embarrassing gaffe while talking about Obamacare. While the price of EpiPens has been in the news lately, Nolan apparently thought they were called WikiPens. Maybe if Nolan was in touch with the concerns of the average Minnesotan he would have known the correct term.