August 24, 2015

Trial Lawyer Andy Beshear Literally Helped Bankrupt A Kentucky Town

Trial Lawyer and Kentucky Democrat nominee for attorney general Andy Beshear has refused to disclose his clients and corporate allegiances to Kentucky voters. However, one client Beshear is proud to represent has literally bankrupted a Bullitt County city.

Last week, Hillview, a city of about 8,000 residents, filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection seeking relief from between $50 – $100 million of debt. The largest creditor to the city? You guessed it, a Beshear client.

Beshear, who lists “attorney general defense” as a specialty practice, refuses to disclose the clients he represents before the office he wishes to hold. He wants Kentucky voters to put him in charge of protecting taxpayers, but his continued lack of transparency opens up questions where his true loyalty resides.

Secrets don’t make friends, and Kentucky voters should insist the Democrat disclose who his friends really are and stop hiding the ball.