September 28, 2016

More Troops To Iraq Challenges Clinton’s No “Boots On The Ground” Policy

A new escalation in the fight against ISIS is throwing a wrench in Secretary Clinton’s foreign policy pledge. The Pentagon announced today that it will be sending 600 more American troops to Iraq:

The soldiers will provide logistics support for the Iraqi forces and not spearhead the attack, spokesman Peter Cook told reporters. The troops, who will deploy in the coming weeks, will be logistics support, enablers and advisers.

This new development poses a strong challenge to Secretary Clinton’s commitment at the Commander-In-Chief Forum just a few weeks ago that “we are not putting ground troops into Iraq ever again.” Considering the number of U.S. troops in Iraq currently stands at 4,647, and that fact checkers were already wondering how Clinton could fulfill her pledge with thousands of U.S. troops in Iraq at the time, it is seemingly impossible for Clinton stick by her promise not to put “ground troops” in Iraq.