March 6, 2016

Twitter Calls Out Hillary Clinton For Ducking Email Scandal Question

In the final minutes of CNN’s Democratic debate, moderator Anderson Cooper finally asked Hillary Clinton about the deepening scandal surrounding her private email server.

The past week alone has brought several major developments:

  • Clinton aide Brian Pagliano, who set up the private server in her home, was granted immunity by the Department of Justice in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation.
  • It was reported that Clinton wrote and sent 104 classified emails during her time at the State Department, despite saying she “did not email any classified material.”
  • It was reported that the FBI is preparing to interview top Clinton aides, and that Clinton herself will likely be interviewed in the coming months.

Making no attempt to even briefly address the substance of the question, Clinton immediately pivoted to attack Republicans, but reporters and leading Democrats including former Obama adviser David Axelrod called out her blatant dodge:

Clinton’s refusal to address the scandal came hours after she bizarrely claimed to be pleased with the investigation and “delighted” about Pagliano’s immunity on CBS’s Face The Nation: