March 6, 2016

Twitter Pans Hillary Clinton’s Flint Responses In #DemDebate

Hillary Clinton’s responses on the opening Democratic presidential debate segment on the Flint, Michigan lead water crisis were widely panned by reporters on Twitter.

When Bernie Sanders repeated his demand for Michigan Governor Rick Snyder to resign over the Flint water crisis, reporters pointed out that Bill Clinton had criticized Sanders’ proposal:

Then things got awkward:

Reporters pointed out that not only was Clinton’s new position the very position her husband and top surrogate had been slamming Sanders for, it was also a flip flop from what her own campaign staff had said during CNN’s pre-debate coverage:

The substance of Clinton’s answers on solutions for Flint got equally panned:

And when a Flint resident asked Clinton if she was politicizing the crisis, she didn’t bother to address the central point of his question: