October 20, 2016

Two Clips That Show Why Ted Strickland Had An Awful Debate

Ted Strickland is down by a lot in the polls. Tonight was the last Ohio Senate debate, and he needed to pick up momentum to try to close the gap to single digits. That did not happen. Instead Strickland praised Obamacare, and Ohio voters were reminded about all the off-color remarks Strickland has made this year.

First, Ohio has been hit hard by Obamacare’s many failures. This year Ohio’s Obamacare co-op collapsed, leaving 22,000 Ohioans without their health insurance. Aetna also announced that in 2017 they were leaving the state’s Obamacare exchange. Those awful developments make’s Strickland’s statements in support of Obamacare extremely tone deaf:

Strickland’s many offensive statements and gaffes, including an insensitive rape comment, were also a topic of conversation during tonight’s debate. Strickland’s awful comments are a big reason why he’s been one of the year’s biggest losers:

With a final word Senator Rob Portman: