November 12, 2015

Two New Polls Reveal Email Scandal Is Hurting Clinton

This morning, two new polls show Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email while serving as Secretary of State as a concerning issue for American voters.

A new McClatchy poll finds a plurality of voters—40 percent—said they believe Clinton acted unethically by using a private email server for government business as Secretary of State. A significant portion of that plurality are Democrats (40 percent) and independents (46 percent). An additional 28 percent said they believed Clinton acted illegally:

Of her use of private emails, a plurality of 40 percent of voters said they believe she acted unethically but legally. Another 28 percent said she did something illegal, and 27 percent said she did nothing wrong.

The ranks of those saying she acted unethically if legally includes a surprising number of voters of her own party or those not affiliated with any party. Forty percent of Democrats and 46 percent of independents say she did something unethical but not illegal.

Another poll, conducted by Yahoo! News and Harris, found that that 67 percent of white voters, 60 percent of Hispanic voters, and 60 percent of Asian voters believe Clinton’s email is scandal is a serious issue:

When it comes to politics, 67 percent of whites think former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server during her time in government is a serious matter, compared with just 42 percent of blacks. Two out of three Hispanics and Asians (60 percent each) agree that it is serious.

Despite Clinton’s emails taking a back burner to Clinton’s other gaffes this week, it’s clear the issue of Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness is still a top concern for voters.