December 17, 2015

Unlike In 2008, CWA Endorses, And It’s Not Clinton

Today, the Communications Workers of America will endorse Senator Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. The CWA has 700,000 members, making it one of the largest unions in the country.

Significantly, the CWA’s endorsement process was driven by an online poll of its members. Unlike some of Clinton’s union endorsements where we’ve seen local affiliates rebel after the national union endorsed Clinton, the CWA “used the results” of the poll to “determine their endorsement” of Sanders.

CWA endorsement Sanders over Clinton is also illuminating for what they didn’t do in 2008. In that election, the CWA chose to not endorse either Obama or Clinton.

So in 2008, when Clinton was facing a future president, the CWA couldn’t come to a consensus on who to support. Yet now, when Clinton is running against a self-proclaimed Socialist, the CWA can, and its not Hillary Clinton. That’s gotta sting.

Maybe if Clinton hadn’t built a career on saying or doing whatever was most politically popular she’d have had a chance.