May 12, 2016

US News & World Report: “Clinton’s Glaring Weakness”

US News & World Report took a closer look at the time remaining in the Democratic primary and came to a dismal conclusion for Secretary Clinton: the next month will continue to batter and bruise her candidacy.

While Clinton may end up winning the primary, she is expected to finish out the remaining contests in embarrassing fashion:

The short-term risk for Clinton over the next four weeks is that she’ll continue to suffer losses to Sanders that will take more shine off of her inevitability. A cluster of Western states that vote on June 7 – including Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and California – could deliver results that bruise her just as she looks to bring the party together ahead of the Democratic convention.

After suffering consecutive losses in Indiana and West Virginia, it appears Clinton’s losing streak will continue into June – not exactly what her team hoped or expected would happen.