February 10, 2016


Just one year ago, Hillary Clinton led in every New Hampshire poll. However today, Clinton finds her campaign in turmoil after decisively losing the first primaries to Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Last night, Clinton lost New Hampshire by more than 20 points, a state that turned around her 2008 campaign, and made Bill Clinton the “comeback kid” in 1992.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell pointed out how Clinton once held a 69 percent to 13 percent lead over Sanders in New Hampshire.

CNN’s Jake Tapper called it, “a horrible night for the Democratic establishment.”

CNN’s Jeff Zeleny said, “They’re trying to spin this loss as just another contest. But of course, we know it is so much more than that. This is New Hampshire. The state that she won eight years ago, that delivered Bill Clinton to the white house in 1992.”

Andrea Mitchell took particular offense to a memo released by the campaign:

MITCHELL: This is pretty shocking. Because it’s a three-page memo, from the campaign manager defensively explaining how they can come back and win the nomination in March.

After the loss, Future45 released an infographic explaining the events from the past year that have led to Clinton’s demise in New Hampshire.

With rumors of an impending campaign shake up rampant, it seems that Clinton’s 2016 campaign is going in the same direction are her 2008 campaign.