2 years ago

VIDEO: America Rising Welcomes Superdelegate Hassan To NH Convention

While Democratic party leaders may be trying to manufacture party unification ahead of the New Hampshire convention on Saturday, this is a battle that has been raging for months with no clear end in sight.

Months before voters even had the chance to voice their opinions in the New Hampshire primary, superdelegate Maggie Hassan prematurely threw her weight behind the establishment-picked candidate and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

But Granite Staters refused to be swayed by the senate candidate. In a 22-point landslide victory, New Hampshire voters made an overwhelming statement that they supported Bernie Sanders – not Hillary Clinton. Yet just five days after Sanders’ huge win, in truly undemocratic fashion Hassan doubled-down and reinforced her support for a candidate the voters did not want.

With 51% of Democratic voters opposed to superdelegates, Hassan will have a difficult time explaining blatantly ignoring the will of New Hampshire and continuing to support Clinton. And it’s not only Democratic voters that are fed up with the undemocratic system of superdelegates.

Superdelegate Elizabeth Warren, who will headline the New Hampshire Democratic Convention in the hopes of rallying support for Hassan, recently voiced her frustration with superdelegates…like Hassan:

I don’t believe in superdelegates. I don’t think that superdelegates ought to sway the election.

Pro-Clinton superdelegate Hassan may be under the impression that party establishment can force a unified vote, but that “unified” vote will not reflect the will of the Granite State. With one in four Sanders’ supporters saying they refuse to vote for Clinton, the dream of a unified party is far from becoming a reality.

And Bern-Or-Bust supporters across the nation have made it clear they do not back down at state conventions.