November 5, 2016

VIDEO: Bad News Bayh

The bad momentum Evan Bayh has been riding all week hit a crescendo on Friday. Bad poll numbers and bad news stories combined to produced maybe Bayh’s worst day of the campaign. As America Rising’s latest video shows though, Bayh has plenty of practice dealing with these types of horrendous days:

With Election Day only three days away, this week’s damaging headlines come at the worst possible phase of the campaign. After the shocking revelation that Bayh spent $2,000 in taxpayer money on Indianapolis hotels, a WTHR/HPI Indiana Poll was released showing Congressman Todd Young leading Bayh 46% to 41%. Notably, Bayh’s lost lead is largely due to the truly unprecedented drop in his favorable rating:

“Bayh’s slide manifested itself in his favorability rankings. Bayh started the campaign with a +20-point net favorability score in September but now slipped into the negatives with a -6-point score.”

This one-two punch has led many publications to get an early jump on writing Bayh’s political obituary. That includes the liberal publication Slate of all places. Writing yesterday, Slate savaged Bayh’s revolving door greed:

“Bayh retired in 2010 with a smarmy New York Times column about how the polarized Senate was no longer any fun for him. He told then–Washington Postblogger Ezra Klein that he thought he ‘could make a bigger difference in a different capacity,’ perhaps by teaching at a university. The capacity he selected to make his difference in, though, was as a ‘strategic adviser’ at law, lobbying, and consulting firm McGuireWoods; a senior adviser at private equity firm Apollo Global Management; a board member of ‘Fifth Third Bank, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, Berry Plastics Corporation, RLJ Lodging Trust, and McGraw Hill Education… ‘”

They surely weren’t the only ones though. See below for the many awful headlines that have knocked Bayh since yesterday:

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